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Lots of Workshops give you the chance to try new instruments, find your voice, brush up on forgotten skills, dance, meditate and even try your hand at using new music technology.

The Venue@The Café gives you the chance to explore performance skills on a beautiful stage with a supportive audience. 

Enjoy being part of a Music Collective Join the Big Brass Band, The Rainbow Drummers, The World Folk Band or The Rainbow Community Choir.

The Chocolate Drop Inn is a unique quiet space for performers in the Big Lodge. An intimate venue to explore performing and try out ideas without the pressures of the main stage (and yes there is chocolate!)

Central Fire... a place to perform, listen or join in with acoustic music around a camp fire.

For a weekend programme and booking information for the camp - visit the Book Now page.



Typical Workshops

Drum  African Djembe, Egyptian Darabooka, World Percussion, Sabar stick drum,

Bass dunn dunn drums, Bodhran

Dance Traditional African, Border Morris, Circle Dance, Line Dance, Egyptian Belly Dance, Jive Dance,  Street Dance, Trance Dance, Live 5 rhythms Wave Dance, Zumba

Strings   Blues Guitar, Beginners guitar, 12 string advanced, Kora,  Fiddle, Harp and Ukelele

Voice  Singing, Chanting, Over toning, Harmonies, Rainbow community choir, Native American Song. Find your voice, Sacred Bhajans, Songs for circle dance, Men’s voices, Sing Your Heart Out

Healing  Shamans Drum, Gong, Angelic Song, Didge, Meditation, Singing Bowl, Acoustic Intelligence

Wind  Flute, Whistle, Didjeridoo, Harmonica mouth organ, Brass instruments

Performance  Be in a band and play on stage

Techniques  How to use a Looping Pedal, DJ, Beatbox